LoveLina | Crease Free Checkered Clip | A photo of seven packs of hair clips all checkered. Colors shown are, pink, purple, green, brown, teal, blue/yellow, and black.
LoveLina | Crease Free Checkered Clip | Clips shown with name titles. Pink checkered, violet checkered, green checkered, caramel checkered, butter checkered, black checkered, and teal checkered.

LoveLina | Crease Free Checkered Clip

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Crease Free Checkered Clip | Introducing the Crease-Free Checkered Hair Clips Set, a fashionable and functional addition to your hair accessory collection. These versatile clips offer a modern twist on classic checkered patterns and come in seven stylish colors to complement any outfit or mood. 

Size: 2" x 0.75" 

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