A light pink book with a floral and butterfly pattern. Rose gold foiled text reads "Flora a botanical pop-up book by Yoojin Kim, illustration by kathryn selbert, text by Nicole Yen.
Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book | An open spread showing pop up flowers (poppies) and accent florals/greenery in a watercolor illustration style. Text reads "...they come in a stunning range of brilliant hues and exceptional shapes.".
Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book | Open spread showing a beehive and floral garden. Text reads "Many species of bees are endangered due to climate change, habitat loss, disease, and pesticides. Some flowers have special colors and scents to attract bees for pollination. Bees to nectar into honey to feed the colony.".

Yoojin Kim | Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book

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Flora: A Botanical Pop-Up Book | Peek inside this spring-inspired pop-up book and discover how flowers are more than just beautiful; they are critical components of the natural world. Bees buzz, hummingbirds sip, and bats flit amongst the brilliant petals. Each spread is filled with unique pop-ups, revealing pull-tabs, and captivating facts. Paper Engineering by Yoojin Kim Illustration by Kathryn Selbert Text by Nicole Yen

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