Hemleva Keychains | Pink Princess plant leaf, green with pink speckles on the right side and solid pink on the other. Accented with rose gold key ring.
Hemleva Keychains | Triostar leaf in green, pink, yellow, and black. Accented with rose gold key ring.
Hemleva Keychains | "Plant Lady is the new cat lady" key chain has black leaves with rose gold accents and rose gold key ring.

Hemleva Keychains

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Hemleva Keychains | Plant keychains are the perfect gift for plant lovers and enthusiasts! Great for a backpack charm, key ring, or even an upgraded zipper pull.

Pink Princess | The Pink Princess Philodendron is currently one of the most sought after plants. It is a man-made hybrid from the 1970s, of two different philodendrons.

With its heart-shaped leaves, gorgeous variegated coloring that includes shades of greens, blacks and several shades of pink, it is no wonder why this pretty plant is a true princess of the plant world. This stunning pin with its unique variegation is the perfect keychain for any plant collector. Size: 2 1/2 x 1 7/8“

Triostar | Add a bit of brightness and life to your keys with this remarkable keychain. Inspired by the striking Stromanthe sanguinea, and featuring beautiful variagated leaves that have green, cream, and pink tones. This keychain is made out of durable Hard Enamel Cloisonné and a High Polished Rose Gold Copper base. This gorgeous keychain has a glossy finish and a darling HEMLEVA charm.

Plant Lady | It’s official, Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady! Inspired by Hemleva’s classic enamel pin, this wonderful keychain has an amazing deep dark green color in hard enamel Cloisonné. With the distinctive contour of a banana leaf with a beautiful contrasting rose gold, it gets an incredibly beautiful and unique design. With this lovely keychain from Hemleva, you can carry your Plant Lady status and your love of plants wherever you go.

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