Illume Body Mist | A blood orange dahlia scented body mist in a spray bottle with a floral pattern.
Illume Body Mist | A citrus crush scented body mist in a blue floral patterned spray bottle.
Illume Body Mist | A coconut milk mango scent body spray with simple abstract patterned labeling.
Illume Body Mist | A lavender scented body spray with an abstract patterned label in yellow, lavender, white, and black.
Illume Body Mist | A pink pepper fruit scent body mist with a pink abstract floral label.

Illume | Body Mist

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Illume Body Mist | Create an air about you with fragrance petite enough for the clutch or carry on.

Blood Orange Dahlia - A floral flirtation of dahlia petals, sandalwood, and sparkling yuzu.

Citrus Crush - A love story made in paradise with sun-ripened citrus, summer fruit, and a kiss of sandalwood.

Coconut Milk Mango - A head-over-heels crush of juicy mango, sweet coconut, and gardenia petals.

Lavender La La - A charming je ne sais quoi of lavender, jasmine, and blonde woods.

Pink Pepper Fruit - A blissed out romance of tropical fruit, pink pepper, and vivacious rose.

How to Use:
Perfect for an all-over application, apply to your wrist, neck, and even hair, to refresh and revive throughout the day. 

* Fill Weight: 4 fluid oz
* Product Size: 1.625" x 1.625" x 6"
* Vegan
* Cruelty-free
* Paraben-free

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