Instant Plant Food | A multi color packaged with abstract plants and text that reads "instant plant food, small batch fertilizer, crafted for houseplants, 4 tablets, net wt 0.48 oz, (13.6g)". Photo shows four blue tablets and the corner of monstera leaves as accents to the photo.

Instant Plant Food - 4 Tablets

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Instant Plant Food - 4 Tablets | Instant Plant Food™ self-dissolving fertilizer tablets make feeding your indoor plants a breeze. Just drop a tablet in a glass of water or watering can and feed your plants with the solution. Each tablet of Instant Plant Food™ will feed a large plant or several small ones for up to 3 months! 

These odorless tablets are crafted for ALL TYPES of houseplants including indoor plants, tropical plants, desert plants and air plants. Perfect for potted plants and self-watering containers.

Feeding your houseplants just got a whole lot easier and a lot more eco-friendly! 

Package includes 4 tablets.

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