Pink Sunrise Match Tube | A pink, peach, violet, and yellow rectangle checkered pattern decorates the packaging. Text reads "Enlighten the Occasion, safety matches, 50 ct.". The matches are white.

Pink Sunrise Match Tube

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Pink Sunrise Match Tube | Our colorful pink match tubes shows where functionality meets whimsical charm! These little wonders will add a pop of color and practicality to your candle lighting or special occasion.

Each match tube is a visual treat, adorned with a burst of lively color hues. So you can add a vibrant twist to every occasion.

Each tube holds 50 matchsticks in our 3 inch size

A match striker is conveniently located on the back of the tube


Height 4.25 inches | Width 1.4 inches | Matchstick 3 inches | 50 Matches in Each

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