Punny Can, Show here are 5 "punny cans"; the perfect match, "eye" love you, plant one on me, godzilla, and kiss me you fool.
"Eye" Love You Can. A red can with an eye, Love written in yellow. and a "U" in pink. Photo taken on a white background.
Plant one on me can. A white can with illustrated sprinkles and the text reads "plant on on me" with red lips in the middle. Photo taken on a white background.
The Perfect Match can. A yellow can with illustrated matchs and a matchbox. The text on the match box reads "the PERFECT Match". Photo taken on white background.

Punny Can

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Punny Can | An illustrated can that is perfect for anything from a floral arrangement to holding your pencils! Use it as a vase or a plant pot!
3.25 x 3.25 x 4.5

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