Rose Queen Kit | Honey Belle | Pink packaging with the text "The perfect rosey medley: facial soap, diy detox mask, & rosewater toner. Made with natural + organic ingredients."
Rose Queen Kit | Honey Belle | Image of the box with contents set on the table in front. DIY Detox Mask, Foaming Facial Soap, and Beautifying rosewater toner.

Honey Belle | Rose Queen Kit

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Rose Queen Kit | Honey Belle | Strong, empowering, and multifaceted, a true QUEEN. Indulge yourself or a fellow queen in a heavenly rose experience.

Made to be complexion-perfecting, hydrating, nourishing, and beautifying, this medley of best-sellers features:

‘Rose’ Foaming Soap (1.8 oz/ 50 ml)

‘Coconut Rose’ DIY Detox Mask (2 oz/ 60 ml)

‘Flora’ Rosewater Toner (2 oz/ 56 ml).

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