Savannah Bee 3 oz Honey Jar

Savannah Bee
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Acacia Honey is made from the delicate nectar of Robinia pseudoacacia, known as Acacia in Europe. Delicate vanilla tones. Clean, light and mildly sweet.

Tupelo - Buttery undertones with a soft vanishing sweetness.

Savannah -  Bottled from local floral sources. Floral and clean finishing.

Wildflower - Complex, sweet, and robust. Delicious in smoothies, yogurt parfaits or homemade granola.

Honey for Cheese - Pairs nicely with a wide variety of cheeses. Incredibly bright, sharp, and crisp. Rounded but complex taste.

Honey For the Grill - Rich, smokey, maple-caramel flavor. Best for grilling for meat, poultry, and seafood marinades or sauces. Pairs beautifully with vegetable kabobs or wild salmon.