Solid Cologne Tin

Walton Wood Farms
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Men Don’t Stink freshly canned colognes are alcohol free, and more subtle than traditional cologne. Fighting Axe Syndrome one can and one man at a time. In today’s increasingly fragrance sensitive public environments, people appreciate the sexy, subtle scent of a man who doesn’t overdue it. The fragrances are clean, fresh and moisturizing, too.

The Adventurer : Grapefruit, Bergamot, Fresh Ozone, Neroli Rosemary, Spruce, Cedar

The Gentleman : Citrus and light, refreshing notes of Floral and Musk.

The Musician : Bergamot, Lavender, Blood Orange, Cumin, Musk, Vanilla Bean.

The Beast: Cracked pepper and mandarin scented solid cologne.