Soulful Connections | Peace and Pear | The cards and journal have a matching orange color scheme, decorated with an stylized forest made with watercolors. The journal is spiral bound and the cards come in an orange box. There is a pen placed in front alongside two cards. Photo is taken on a wooden table against a blurred green background.
Soulful Connections | Peace and Pear | Up close photo of the cards. Orange with white text "If your were your younger self again, what would you do over?" "Where will you be a year from now?" "What makes you unique?".
Soulful Connections | Open spread in the companion journal. Left page has a black/white photo of stacked rocks with text overlayed "Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, tale a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life." The quote is signed, but text is illegible do to photo blur. Right side is lined paper.

Soulful Connections

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Soulful Connections | Soulful Connections, a practical guide for consciously creating a life you will love filled with passion and purpose. 

Deck - This 120 card deck combines thought-provoking, idea generating questions for you to journal or create a vision board helping you gain clarity on what your dreams and goals are for the new year. And that leads to making real and lasting positive changes in your life!

Journal - The Soulful Connections Companion Journal has plenty of pages to create an ongoing diary to document your journey with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated!

Do you love simple, beautiful products that help you connect more deeply to your soul? Than we've got you covered with Soulful Connections.

• Use this journal with your Soulful Connections deck to inspire thoughtful self-reflection. Pick a question card from the deck and observe what thoughts and feelings it inspires. Each card has a creative and thought-provoking question.

• Start your very own journaling practice as part of your morning routine or in the quiet of the evening and map your journey. Journaling is great in helping to manifest your hopes, dreams, visions and desires.

• Soulful Connections card deck is also great to use on its own as a conversation starter with family and friends to connect on a deeper level.

• A unique, heart-felt gift for your favorite spiritual gal pal.

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